In today’s world of connectivity it is almost encouraged or in some cases, expected,  to be “on the job” 24/7 but at what cost to your well being? This humor filled presentation on a very serious topic, will share tips on how you can protect your sanity, set boundaries and achieve that little, hard to find, thing that you are convinced does not exist called work/life balance.


We’ve been taught, “It’s not personal. It’s business.” However, all business is personal. Receive kindness-in-action through admired brands and learn five ways to infuse kindness throughout your organization. 

A)   Geocaching - Extreme Trails with Anne Poe
Learn the basics of geocaching and how your community may already have a number of geocaches in it.
•   The difference between a “Geo-Trail” and a “Geo-Tour” and the advantages  or   disadvantages of each.
•   What a great trail/tour looks like.
•   Getting the help of your community in setting up a trail/tour.
•   Sources to help create great geocaches for your community.
•   Estimating costs and encouraging local sponsorships.
•   Promoting your trail/tour to maximize participation.

B)  Making it a Memorable Experience with Carlton Chamblin
Making a memorable experience in this competitive marketplace is all about meaningful guest engagement. Learn the “Art of the Experience” as Carlton Chamblin of Farm2Cocktail shares techniques to keep your customers engaged and your brand top of mind.

C)  Making WOW Moments for Your Volunteers and Boards with Anissa Starnes
Good volunteers are hard to come by. Retention is key for both volunteers and the organizations they serve but are you doing enough to make them feel appreciated? Do they hear from you only when they get your invoice for renewals? Creating WOW moments without a lot of effort or money is easy to do. This session will give you simple ideas that any organization of any size can implement, easily.

LUNCH KEYNOTE WITH JULIET HALL - Building Organizational Culture
In this highly popular and inspiring keynote based on the Chick-fil-A SERVE Model (Copyright CFA Properties 2001), Juliet speaks to the heart—the place where transformational leadership begins—and shares five practices to develop average leaders into high-performing servant leaders.


A)  Taking Print Quality Photos with Your Phone with Shannon Lowery
Being a great photographer doesn’t mean having huge, expensive equipment or incredible photoshop skills. In the age of social media and the smartphone, most everyone holds an incredible tool in the palm of their hand. But how can we use this tool to create impressive content ourselves? In this session, Shannon Lowery of Visit Savannah will go over best practices for capturing and creating stunning photos
and videos taken with a mobile device.

B)  Sponsors. Getting them, Thanking them, Keeping Them with Anissa Starnes
Tourism professionals are always thinking about our members and sponsors first. We’re focused on recruiting, retaining and engaging them. Sponsors are part of the lifeblood of our organizations—they’re the people who financially fuel our organizations and help us produce real results. But the competition for dollars is getting tighter every year so we have to do more to get them and keep them. This session will offer great advice on how to make sure you are doing all you can to ensure your sponsorships sell out every year.

C)  Evolution of Video with Jacquelyn Blackwell
From the 1940s to the 2020s, film and video have played a part in the advertising landscape. Learn about video advertising and how it has changed over the years.  Travel through decades of video advertising to see the evolution of the medium from 1950s commercials to YouTube. Learn who's watching and how viewers consume video. Discover how and why you should use the platform to enhance your marketing efforts.

A)  Customer Service with Dr. Mark Newton
Customer service starts with great leadership. Understand specifically how customer service is the key to repeat business. Learn how to create a company culture that thrives on service.  Explore the importance of product knowledge and service training.
•  Understand the importance of hiring customer service employees. 
•  Customer service is a company’s best marketing tool.
•  Great customer service differentiates your business from your competition!

B)   The State of Tourism with Jay Markwalter
•  CVB Updates
•  Plans for the future

C)   Make Your Events Pop with Amy Dougherty
Enjoy a great discussion full of creative ideas that you can use to create events within your event.  Who’s missing from your demographic?  How can we add something to reach that audience?  From Storm Troopers to chalk art, there is a creative idea for everyone and some can even help generate revenue. Anyone need a little extra money?