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“Top 10 Rules for Tourism Marketing on a Small Budget”
No matter the size of your marketing budget, this session will provide rules to follow for making the most of your financial resources.
Speaker:  Judy Randall, Randall Travel Marketing, Inc.

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How To Make Your Attraction Sustainable While Keeping Interpretive Integrity
Historic sites and other public attractions often have little revenue stream.  How can these sites sustain themselves without compromising the value and story of the site?  For example, while adding a putt-putt course on the property of a historic site may provide revenue, does that make sense? Hear from a panel of tourism professionals and site managers who are making it work.
Panel: Wesley Berninger, Pine Mountain Gold Museum; Debby Long, Western and Atlantic Railroad Tunnel

Don’t Wait on Someone Else…You Can Host a Successful Fam Tour!
Have you always waited for someone else to bring fam tours to your community or attraction?  Whether it’s travel writers or tour operators you’re seeking, step out and be proactive to bring attention to your destination or attraction.  How do you find qualified media and tour operators?  Get the scoop from those who work with these markets every day.
Speakers: Laurie Rowe, Laurie Rowe Communications and Lacey Cameron, Domestic Business Development, GA Dept. of Economic Development

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Georgia VICs: Do you really know them?
The Georgia Visitor Information Centers see 13 million people annually.  Learn the different ways to work with your state team in promoting Georgia Tourism.  From the RVIC program, Customer Service, partnerships, and so much more.
Panel:  Rebecca Clopp, Kelli Lord-Zieba and Jessica Godbee, Managers-Georgia Visitor Information Centers, GA Dept. of Economic Development

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The Top 3 Reasons Why Tourism Plays A Vital Role In Community Economic Development
Economist Dr. Steve Morse will identify the top 3 reasons why tourism plays a significant role in community economic development, and examine the new and growing relationship between officials from tourism organizations and local economic development organizations. Learn some of the best practices from communities who have leveraged their unique nature-based tourism attributes and location assets into enhanced quality of life factors attracting new economic development, businesses, and the next creative class of entrepreneurs. 
Speaker:  Dr. Steve Morse, Reinhardt University

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Creating Tourism Product Around a Name
Does your community lay claim to a famous, or maybe not-so-famous but notable person of accomplishment or character? How can you capitalize on that for new tourism product? Hear from a panel of tourism professionals who have taken advantage of just such an opportunity.  Learn what steps they took to bring a tangible experience to a great story.
Panel:  Rebecca McWilliams, Dublin CVB; Terry Miller, SAM Shortline; Vicki Starnes, Crawford W. Long Museum

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Time Saving Tools and Tricks for Making the Most of Your Day
Learn about the latest apps, gadgets, time saving tools and work flow organizers available - no matter how small your budget.  Help is on the way to streamline your mobile marketing, organize your day and rope all those contacts into a neat pile!  Free tools and tricks to battle time poverty and the frazzled day to day life of a tourism marketer! Join Stacey Dickson, President of Lake Lanier CVB, for a dive into how technology’s advancements can help improve your work and leisure life.
Speaker:  Stacey Dickson, Lake Lanier CVB

Successful Methods and Approaches to Tell Your Tourism Economic Impact
You know about the tremendous economic impact the tourism industry has on your local county, but do your local elected and appointed officials?  Many times they do not.  Learn about successful methods and approaches you can use to tell your local officials how important tourism is to your local economy (without sounding like a boring economist!).
Speaker:  Dr. Steve Morse, Reinhardt University

Trends in Travel & Tourism
Take advantage of Judy Randall’s trend-spotting savvy as she shares top travel inclinations of today’s travelers…a “must know” for destination marketers.
Speaker:  Judy Randall, Randall Travel Marketing, Inc.

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